"Heute gehts um dich und nicht um die Welt" 2024
Kunsthalle Mulhouse "Julia Armutt"
I wanna carry you all on my back 2023
Sidespecific performance; Video,4k,color,15:00, Germany, Switzerland
nisthilfe 2022
If you click on `nisthilfe` you are in a nesting aid for birds. very cosy. It can be made from thin reed, which is the best. Just bend it into shape and fix it with cord. Thorns can be easily tied around. It is as a defense against predators. - To install every year from november till february. This nesting aid is placed on a facade between sewage pipes next to the Galerie Durchgang in Basel. The exhibition ended in October, but the support remains.To install every year from november till february.
Hall 53
16th Young Art. The long weekend with art and music in Winterthur Switzerland.
"Heute gehts um dich und nicht um die Welt"
Solo show at Galerie Durchgang in Basel
A bird nest build of objects / What does my environment look like? What do I really need? I need my shoelaces, cable ties, other strings, metal elements. These are just some of the many materials birds find in their environment to build their nest. A bird's nest is a delicate structure that can easily be destroyed by external factors such as wind, rain or predators. The nest stands for adaptation and safety.
Site-specific interactions, Wedding Berlin
Sculpture, Berlin
Das Horn, two ears for the wind
Julier Pass Switzerland 2.284 Altitude
I am a Landscape painter
Graubünden, Switzerland
Kleines Konzert
Sound Installation at Raumohr Berlin
Common Ground - chanting in staircases

Marzahn is a district in Berlin and was once the largest prefabricated housing estate in the DDR. The very tall skyscrapers, up to 21 storeys high, seem to stretch far into the blue sky. I spent two weeks in Marzahn in the summer of 2017, walking up and down the stairs of the giants. The sound in the stairwells was monotonous, quiet and full of history. I started chanting in the stairwells and it echoed back in different resonances.