Group Exhibition at Kunsthalle Mulhouse, France
Julia Armutt, 24.11.-07.01.24

With Valie Winter, Lisa Wintermantel, Ruth Baettig, Paula Beck,Hannah Cooke, Valentine Cotte, Hannah Gahlert, Pascale Grau, Nicole Hassler, Paul F. Millet, Eva Rosenstiel, Andreas Schneider, Kathrin Siegrist & Iva Wili, Virginie Sistek, JJ von Panure, Miriam Wieser, Katharina Anna Wieser, Elie Bouisson. Curators: Sandrine Wymann and Juliette Steiner.
TEXT: Kunsthalle Mulhouse

Lisa Wintermantel's sculptures are made from materials that she finds in nature. She borrows from flora the vulnerability that she associates with the human being. The fragility of the rose and the danger of its thorns symbolise both the beauty of the flower and its openness, which must be defended. `Today it's about you and not about the world.` The branches covered with berries and thorns are fastened together with metal clips that create tension and force movement.

Heute gehts um dich und nicht um die Welt
Sculpture; thorns, metal, clamps
Cooperation with Botanical Garden in Basel with University Basel

PHOTO CREDITS: Exhibition view “Julia Armutt"
Regionale 24 © La Kunsthalle Mulhouse - photo : JJ Delattre