Queen of the hill 2020 - ongoing

Exhbited at natural history museum, Berlin. 2021
video,color, 00:07:19, with spoken texts, real-time voice-over.

Rock Pigeons - QUEEN OF THE HILL is a narrative about our pigeons in the city. Since 2020 I have been observing their behavior. Usually in the city of Berlin, under the bridges of the canal near the very crowded Kottbusertor. I consciously talk about the rock pigeon in my texts, from where they come. From the fields, far away from the cities in the rocky mountains. However, the pigeons filmed do not look like feral street pigeons. The camera's perspective chooses the view of the animals.

Based on texts and conversations with biologists, experts and inspiration from poems, thoughts about the well-being of our urban pigeon are told in real-time voice-over. This are pictures of one scene, from three narrations at different locations in Berlin.