Ün di illas muntognas;
a day in the mountains, painting with the weather 2019
Paper, Acrylic paint, charcoal, photographes, helmet (chaplina) 2019
Pretending I am a Landscape painter.

I painted in the mountains. I am a Landscape painter.
At minus 15 degrees the paint froze before it touched my canvas,
but it didn't dry. My fingers were cold.
The sun was so strong that I used a map as a helmet
until the wind blew it away. It was a beautiful day in the mountains
and I like my painting very much. I am a Landscape painter.

poem in romansh

I d’eira fraid, minus 15 grads.
Ün di illas muntognas.
Eu d’eira massa plan cur ch’eu n’ha provà
da dovrar culurs d’acryl, perquai cha’l pigmaint
d’eira fingià dschet avant ch’el d’eira arrivà sülla taila.
Il vent d’eira ferm.
Eu am proteg dal sulai cun üna carta da la regiun da skis.
Eu tilla dovr sco üna chaplina.