"Heute gehts um dich und nicht um die Welt"

In this presentation are works that I made in a former family garden. In the summer months of August and September. I cultivated the garden in heat, drought, storm and flood. I spent days in the forest with experts, foresters and normal forest visitors and observed new conditions. A moss culture and an archive of rose thorns are still growing.

Solo exhibition - 16. September - 1.October 2022 in Basel at gallery passage, Switzerland

Untitled / Sculpture - Abandoned water site; Expo + collophium resin, fly net, acryl, stones, soil, gras
Untitled - Sculpture A tree + two walls
Untitled - Sculpture Climbing roses, hooks and yarn
not on the website Untitled - Painting; different pigments, chameleon blue and oil
Untitled - Sculpture Tree trunk with pigeon defense elements
Untitled - Sculpture wooden mask and robe
not on the website Untitled - Hula Hoop; xmas-light + bike rims
not on the website Untitled - Video Projektion 6K; swimming in the sea + forest

Photos by Charlie Hui Viswerk