2021; FutureVoices by artist collective S4NTP
Future Voices by artist collective S4NTP for Radio Lab Kontinuum ( Deutschlandfunk Kultur and CTM )
A one-year live-generated radio stream composed from hopes, fears and dreams of contributors from around the world. Klangkunst, ORF Kunstradio:KONTINUUM: Zukunftsmusik
FutureVoices is being created and will be expanded by the Society for Non-Trivial Pursuits S4NTP
Berlin, DE

2020; Kunsthalle [N] Toggenburg
In recent years, Kunsthalle[n] Toggenburg has established itself as an organiser of special events with contemporary art at unusual and spectacular locations in Toggenburg. At the end of last summer 2020, Kunsthalle[n] Toggenburg organised the project arthur#14: "Free Republic of Bad Hemberg". We, the artist collective Studio Huette, were invited to celebrate the Republic with them and travelled with our Huette to Switzerland with a curation programme of over 30 international artists.
Exhibited -the Horn 2020
Toggenburg, CH

2020; Archipel Stations Community Radio
Archipel Stations Community Radio is an itinerant webradio occupying venues worldwide, from where events are broadcast and programs from elsewhere are transmitted live. In the pandemic time we crafted, generated, composed, spoken, shared from different cities from around the world. We were live with S4NTP perspective(s) broadcast via Archipel Radio in Berlin on 7 Tuesdays in 2020 02.06.–14.07.
Berlin, DE

2020; Studio opening at "Studio La huette"
On a cold February in Berlin, the big three-day event 'Opening Studio Huette' happened in the Klein Garten Siedlung in Charlottenburg. We invited friends and artists to exhibit with us. From installations in the garden, painting in the huette, lecture performances, a film screening and also readings by the fire are just some of the happenings that adorned the huette. We are a collectively organised, non-profit Berlin art association. With our common work we offer a platform to young artists of different media and create an honest access to art.
Exhibited -City shell 2020
Berlin, DE

2019; CCIMCAT.org
is a charitable organization and integral development with indigenous women in Tarija Bolivia.I supported the Team CCIMCAT with reportage material such as photographs and videos. (project "Mujer y Agua")
Tarija, BOL

2018; Centro Juana Azurduy.org
is an independent organization with key demands such as political participation,land rights, education, combating domestic violence, and empowering indigenous women. During my time in Sucre, Bolivia my main focus was documenting the education-oriented group therapy, the Psychodrama. Under the direction of Psychodramatist Karin de Fries.
Sucre, BOL

2018; Comundo.org
INTERTEAM; now Comundo.org stands for global engagement, for more social justice and better living conditions for disadvantaged children, youth and elderly people.With photgraphes series I documented the efforts of the Swiss INTERTEAM experts in Sucre to support and share their stories.
Sucre, BOL