Performance Felsentauben
on 3-Channel Installation 2021
Duration 30 minutes, performed on Event Huette X Dahlewitz with Studio Huette

The performance Rock Pigeons was a spontaneous action at the festival day of a Studio Huetten event. On three channels, portraits of pigeons flew from one wall to the other. As background, old walls and stones. I tried to catch the pigeons wherever they appeared, I tried to paint them, to hold them, maybe to have a conversation. It was summer, it was hot. I tried to hold out as long as I could. The wall was filled with the green paint and in between you could make out the shapes of the pigeons. They kept flying as if I wasn't there.

Among my quickly painted brush strokes, the pigeons continued to fly.
Some visitors to the exhibition painted more pigeons on the wall.

I observe movements of animals in the city. I write speculative dialogues between me, the city and the pigeons, based on real facts, like conversations with experts and what I see.

here some facts:


There are animals.
Wild-Animals they live in the Nature. Nature means forest, Forest means an area of 0.1 hectare or older.
with a forest climate.
Nature means jungle. Nature means balance.

There are animals they life with us humans. In the countryside and in the city, but with their own strategy.
Foxes. Rates.

There are domesticated animals which follow us humans.
Dogs. Cats.

There are domesticated animals they lived with us humans - and staid.